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About Chanterelle

Did you know……………………..??
1. The first shop Chanterelle opened was in 1967! In Reeve’s Corner, Croydon.
2. Our 1st shop in Oxted was opened shortly afterwards and was located just a little further down Station Road East in a 300 sq foot unit.
3. In 1983 Stephen joined the business (& yes – he is still here!) and expanded the business into the current site at 95 – 99 Station Road East where we have been for the last 20 years.

“Needless to say, over that period many fashions have come and gone but we constantly strive to appeal to a new breed of customer. We need to be more adventurous now in terms of styling but it’s about striking a balance and introducing a more modern signature, but nothing too OTT!!”

“Our customers have changed and are different to the 30, 40, 50 & 60 years old of the past. They have iphones and ipads, they read Vogue and Elle and they want skinny jeans and biker jackets. “

“They’ve grown up with Zara but, the problem is, Zara no longer fits them. This is where we come in”